Steel Wire Safety Rope Ladder

  • Stopcable - Permanent Fall Protection System for Climbing

    The stopcable® ladder safety system is a wire rope type permanent fall protection system for climbing fixed ladders or vertical structures. The system consists of galvanized top and bottom brackets, galvanized or stainless steel cable, an energy absorber, a turnbuckle and a stainless steel fall arrester (sold separately).

  • Lyon Compact Lightweight Galvanised Wire Rope Ladder

    LYON COMPACT LIGHTWEIGHT GALVANISED WIRE ROPE LADDER. General purpose Ladders, for applications such as manhole entry, access to lighting truss and sport caving. Made from aluminium rungs with flexible galvanised steel wire rope sides and swaged eyes at both ends

  • Wire Rope & Accessories - Associated Scaffolding

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  • Miller Rope Grabs and Lifelines - Honeywell

    Stainless steel trailing wire rope grab. 8173/U. Stainless steel trailing rope grab. 8175/U. Stainless steel trailing rope grab w/attached O-ring. 8174MLS6-Z/6FT. ROPE GRAB W/6 FT MNYRD (YEL) Worker on a ladder with fall protection safety equipment on. White Paper. How to Build a Culture of Safety. Download Now. Close Video. Close Video.

  • Wire Rope Ladder -

    Wire Rope Ladders are designed for use in difficult places when a rigid ladder would be impractical. Our ladders are used by emergency services, mining, silo use, tree felling, caving and the rock climbing community. Where access has been by means of a rope or free climbing, the use of a wire rope ladder will greatly increase safety.

  • Vertical Lifelines | Performance Safety Products - GFP

    Ladder Safety; Scaffolding; Roofing Tools; Jobsite Equipment; Netting; Confined Space; Rescue, Escape, & Descent Poly Steel Rope with Snap Hook End Poly Steel Rope with Snap Polydac™ Rope with Snap Hook End Polydac™ Rope with Snap Hook End Vinyl Coated Wire Rope 01401 Rope Anchor 01300 Safety Products . Self-Retracting Lifelines

  • Stainless Steel Wire Rope | Wire Ropes

    Stainless Steel Wire Ropes are an important part of our core product range. We keep stock of AISI 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire Rope from 0.5mm up to 26mm in various constructions including: 1X19, 7X7, 7X19 and 6X36 wire core.

  • Chains, Ropes & Tie-Downs at Lowes

    Shop chains, ropes & tie-downs in the hardware section of Lowes. Find quality chains, ropes & tie-downs online or in store.

  • Hercules SLR | Securing, Lifting, & Rigging

    Our focus is to provide securing, lifting and rigging solutions that allow our customers to get the job done safely and efficiently. The strength of our local, national and global reach coupled with an extensive inventory allows us to react to any special requirements you may have.

  • Ladder Safety Rules - OSHA.

    Ladder Safety Rules INTRODUCTION To use ladders safely and effectively, craftsmen must: pull up the material with a rope. • Climb and stand on a ladder with your feet in the center of the steps or rungs. • Never substitute makeshift devices of wire or rope for stepladder spreaders.

  • Slings (Steel Chain, Wire Rope, and Metal Mesh)

    Slings (Steel Chain, Wire Rope, and Metal Mesh) Español (Spanish) Related Pages . Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under the general industry standards 29 CFR 1910.184 and the construction standards 1926.251. It applies to slings used with other equipment to move material by lifting or hoisting. Wire Rope Slings;

  • Wire Rope Ladder Specs - DCIS

    The 5,000 lb safety swivel snap hook includes a break away load indicator tab to make inspections easy. Optional double or triple locking stainless steel fall arrest protection carabiners available upon request. The joining zinc or stainless steel link between the wire rope ladder and the Y-spreader has a working load strength of 640 lbs. The

  • Search for Ladders | Rope, Steel, Aluminum, Attic ladders

    Rope Ladder. The pilot embarkation wooden rope ladder is used to enable passengers and crew to embark on ship or disembark from lifeboats during an emergency.The rope ladder has no length limited, soft convenient in transportation lightweight and other features.Rope ladders are ladders which are made from two long, parallel ropes which are

  • Fall Protection Lifeline Rope | Harness Land

    How you use the lifeline rope will depend on the nature of your work. Roofers and residential construction workers that use ladders may need to use a ladder restraint system with a rope grab on a flexible anchorage line. Workers that climb towers may need to use a vertical fall arrest system with a rope grab or snap hook end.

  • 1910.184 - Slings. | Occupational Safety and Health

    Strand laid grommet-hand tucked is an endless wire rope sling made from one length of strand wrapped six times around a core formed by hand tucking the ends of the strand inside the six wraps. Strand laid rope is a wire rope made with strands (usually six or eight) wrapped around a fiber core, wire strand core, or independent wire rope core (IWRC).

  • General Safety - e-rigging

    Matching Attachment's Working Load Limit. Attachments must have at least the same Working Load Limit as the wire rope used. Clips, sockets, thimbles, sleeves, hooks, links, shackles, sheaves, blocks, etc. must match in size, material and strength to provide adequate safety protection.

  • Cargo Nets & Rope Ladders - starlightoutdoored

    We are a manufacturer of custom Cargo Nets, Ship Mast Nets, Tube Nets, Rope Ladders, Firecracker Ladders & Fidget Ladders. Our nets and ladder are constructed of high quality materials and even higher quality workmanship. The Combo Rope, poly-dac rope, we use on our nets will give you years of service. Our ladders also are constructed of

  • Green Walls & Green Wire Trellis | at Jakob Rope Systems

    Cable and rope wire systems consist of a kit of parts that includes high-tensile steel cables, wire trellises, anchors, spacers, and supplementary equipment. Vertical and horizontal wires can be connected through cross clamps to form a flexible trellis system in various sizes and patterns.

  • Wire Rope Sling - Atlantis Sling

    6x36 Galvanised or Ungalvnised Wire Rope Sling ,Single Legged Wire Rope Sling, Two Legged Wire Chain Sling Steel Wire Rope Sling Lifting Chain & Accessories Lifting Shackle Steel Wire Rope Wire Rope Lifting Point Hoist, Winch & Trolley Material Handling Equipment Height Safety Natural & Synthetic Rope Rope Ladder. Services Industry Updates.

  • Wire Rope - guardianfall

    The Guardian Fall Protection Wire Rope is 3/8 inch thick aircraft cable that possesses a 14,400 pound tensile strength. The Wire Rope can be cut-to-order (by foot) to meet the requirements of any applicable system.

  • Stainless Steel 7X7, 7X19, and 1X19 Wire Rope (Imported

    Stainless Steel 7X7, 7X19, and 1X19 Wire Rope (Imported) Catalog (SKU) Number: 7X7SS/7X19SS/1X19SS. All our stainless steel wire is imported from Korea, no Chinese wire! Manufactured to federal specification RR-W-410E. 1x19 construction is primarilly used for deck railing.