High Speed Alloy Tool Steel Aisi M2 Round Bar

  • M2 High Speed Tool Steel - M2 High Speed Tool Steel

    hot rolled and forged machined and peeled and grinded high speed tool steel round bar and flat bar Grade: 1.3343 1.3243 1.3355 M2 M35 T1 SKH51 SKH55 SKH59 SKH2 Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS Technique: Forged Process: EAF+LF+VD Delivery

  • High Speed Steel M2 Cutting Tool Steel Round Bars

    AISI 4340 alloy steel round bar S136 steel bar 1.2601 cold work steel bar FAX:+86-769-82285809 Songshun Steel customer service:Lu Mr. Home?·High Speed Steel ?·M2. High Speed Steel M2 Cutting Tool Steel Round Bars Price:High Spped Steel Minimum Order Quantity:Packing High speed tool steel. DIN. 1.3355,1.3343. AISI. T1,M2. JIS. SKH2

  • High Speed Steel Bars - High Speed Steel HSS M2 M42 M35

    Tradewell Ferromet can offer High Speed steel (HSS), High Speed Steel Rod, HSS Rod, High Speed Tool Steel Rods, M2 Hss Bar, M42 bar, M35 round bars, high speed steel, hss steels from ready stock or on make to order basis.. Can offer High Speed Steel Rod / HSS Rod / High Speed Tool Steel Rods in normalized, annealed, spherodized annealed, quenched (hardened) & tempered with black or bright finish.

  • M2 Tool Steel / 1.3343 / HS-6-5-2C / SKH51 - China M2 Tool

    AISI M2 Tool Steel is molybdenum based high-speed steel in tungsten–molybdenum series.HSS grade steel M2 is a medium alloyed high speed steel which has good machinability. The H-SS M2 chemical composition gives a good combination of well-balanced toughness, wear resistance and red hardness properties.

  • High Speed Steel Bar, High Speed Steel Round Bar, HSS

    This High Speed Steel Round Bar is extensively used in the production of machine tool bits, cold forming tools and cutting tools. The high speed steel used in the production of bars offers high toughness combined with good cutting powers. These bars are also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures without losing their temper.

  • Hardness can be up to 64 HRC AISI M2 tool steel

    AISI M2(DIN 1.3343) is the most commonly used cold-made tungsten-molybdenum tool steel. It is suitable for precision punching and shearing molds under 6mm and general cold working molds. LKALLOY is a leading Supplier of AISI M2 Steel. We mainly stocks and produces AISI M2 bar, AISI M2 flats, AISI M2 plates and other forms in various size and specifications.

  • SAE-AISI M4 (T11304) Molybdenum High-Speed Steel

    The graph bars on the material properties cards further below compare SAE-AISI M4 steel to: tool steels (top), all iron alloys (middle), and the entire database (bottom). A full bar means this is the highest value in the relevant set. A half-full bar means it's 50% of the highest, and so on.

  • ASTM-AISI - Tool Steel-High Speed Steel China Supplier

    ASTM-AISI | SAE Middle HSS M52 tool steel (UNS T11350) Reference standard: ASTM A600, DIN 17350, EN ISO 4957, JIS G 4805, GB/T 9943, SS14. SAE M52 Steel is a American Middle high speed Steel grade standard, it have lower alloy composition, so its price is lower a lot than others standard high speed steel material.

  • High-Speed Tool Steels - ASM International

    High.Speed Tool Steels Alan M. Bayer and Bruce A. Becherer, Teledyne Vasco HIGH-SPEED TOOL STEELS and their requirements are defined by The American Society for Testing and Materials in Speci- fication A600-79 as follows: High-speed tool steels are so named primarily because of their ability to machine materials at high

  • Tool Steel | Interlloy | Engineering Steels + Alloys

    Tool Steel. Interlloy Grade: Nearest Related Specification: Typical Composition (%) & Properties AISI M2: 0.90: 4.00: 1.90: 6.40 W: Well known standrad high speed steel with high wear resistance. Suitable for Cutting tools, twist drills, milling cutters, cold extrusion press tools etc.

  • High-speed steel - Wikipedia

    The alloy composition of a part or tool can also be changed to form a high speed steel on the surface of a lean alloy or to form an alloy or carbide enriched layer on the surface of a high speed steel part. Several methods can be used such as foils, pack boronising, plasma spray powders, powder cored strips, inert gas blow feeders, etc.

  • SAE 4140 Alloy Round Bar | SCM440 Round Bar | ssroundbar

    SAE 4140 Alloy Round Bar is very resistant to corrosion and is used for this purpose in industry, SAE 4140 Alloy Round Bar is widely used for plating steel components. SAE 4140 Alloy Round Bar is a most useful material but it is very expensive

  • 200mm High Speed Steel MH Carbon Steel Bar Round Rod

    8mm x 100mm High Speed Steel Turning Tool Round Lathe Bar Rod 5 Pcs. AU $10.35. 200mm High Speed Steel MH Carbon Steel Bar Round Rod Diameter 2.0-12mm medium (0.3% to 0.6%) and high (0.6% and above). Alloy steels, which include AISI-SAE grades in the 1300 and 4000 ranges and above, incorporate elements such as chromium, molybdenum, and

  • ASTM AISI T1 T4 T5 T6 M2 M4 JIS Skh2 Skh3 Skh54 High Speed

    Tool Steel, Hot Tool Steel, Carbon Tool Steel manufacturer / supplier in China, offering ASTM AISI T1 T4 T5 T6 M2 M4 JIS Skh2 Skh3 Skh54 High Speed Tool Steel, China Product Welded Stainless Steel Pipe 4tube China, Direct Manufacturer Stainless Steel Exhaust Perforated Tube and so on.

  • Tool Steels — New West Metals Inc

    New West Metals Inc. Offers a complete range of mold steels and products for use in the plastic industry. Plastic tool steel and mold materials are used where a smooth polish is needed, improved resistance to corrosive and or abrasive polymers; high thermal conductivity uniformity and reliability are needed.

  • Tool Steels Selection Guide | Engineering360

    Tool steels are wear-resistant, ferrous alloys based on iron and carbon with high levels of alloying (hardenability and property modifying) elements such as chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, and vanadium. Grades of Tool Steels. There are a number of different grades of tool steel that differ based on the areas for which they are designed.

  • What’s HSS?

    What’s HSS? HSS, High speed steel.It is a complex iron-base alloys of carbon , chromium, vanadium, molybdenum, or tungsten, and in some cases substantial amounts of cobalt.High speed steel grades also have a high resistance to softening at elevated temperatures up to 500°C, this makes them perfect for use at high speeds, hence the name.

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    High Speed Steel 1.3343 Round Bar High Speed Steel M2 Mechanical Property HSS M2 is the Tungsten-Molybdenum high speed steel,AISI M2 also well know by Din 1.3343.M2 tool steel with high temperature high toughness and hardness,suit to make cutting tools. HSS DIN 1.3343 tool steel is a kind of high alloy steel with various alloy elements

  • Tools alloy steel | High speed steel | P20 steel | Alloy

    tools alloy steel,high speed steel,p20 steel,alloy steel plates,tool steel grades,tool steel suppliers,h13 tool steel,tool steel properties,h13 steel. WHAT IS TOOLS ALLOY STEEL? Tools alloy steel refers to a number of carbon and also alloy steels, particularly they are well-suited for tools making. The suitability of the tool alloy steel comes

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    High Speed Steel > M2 1.3343 SKH9 > M42 > T1 1.3355 SKH2. Hot Work Tool Steels > H13 1.2344 SKD61 > H21 1.2581 SKD5. Cold Working Tool Steel > D2 1.2379 SKD11 > D3 1.2080 SKD1 > O1 1.2510 SKS3. Precision Alloy Super Alloy

  • Alloy steel_High speed steel | Forging | 1.2344 |1.2379

    This steel has high performance of cementation steel ,high hardenability ,after carburizing and quenching has the appearance of rigidity and wear-resistant ,the diligency of corn.It also has higher low-temperature impact ductility ,medium weldability ,after normalizing has good machinability .It used to making the high-speed ,middle-speed or