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    Etching Nameplates, Labels and Tags Etched nameplates by Yeuell are created by printing an image with an acid resistant coating on the material. The metal sheets are then soaked in an acid bath where the exposed areas of the metal are washed away.

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    Quality Name Plate’s unique strength is not just the range and diversity of our capabilities.We also have a staff that has decades of experience in this industry that is able to be your trusted advocate in the design and execution of your parts. As a result, we are able to serve as a single source of custom printing for you, our customer.

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    Chemical etching is the ultimate for marking and decorating metal. Its fine detail, multi-dimensional appearance, and durability make it the preferred marking process for awards, plaque plates, name badges, wallet cards, and even commercial plates.

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    The process of acid etching works equally well on the surface of stainless steel plates, profiles and sheets and other metals such as aluminium and brass are also suitable for acid etching. The surface left on the surface of the stainless steel is usually matt in nature and will be texturally different from the unetched part of the stainless steel.

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    Service Provider of Metal Etching - Stainless Steel Label Acid Etched Services, Electro Chemical Etching Services, Precise Name Plates Label Marking and Laser Etching Marking Metal Parts offered by Print Tech System, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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    What is Engraving & Chemical Etching? Chemical etching is a manufacturing process that uses acids, and in some cases alkalis, to engrave metal with exceptional detail. The process is very cost effective when compared to mechanical engraving and laser engraving alternatives particularly in higher volumes. How Do We

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    It takes a longer time to etch steel than other metal surfaces, and the etching must be done carefully to avoid damaging the surface. There are a number of techniques used for etching stainless steel. Below are some of the most common techniques in use today. Chemical Etching

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    Using an Electro- Chemical principle, the New ETCH-O-MATIC can Etch as Deep as .003" of an Inch in Less than 30 Seconds or Mark the Hardest Tool Steel and Carbides almost Instantly. It marks any Flat or Round Metal Surface down to 1/16" Diameter and any Metal Thickness from Thin Foil up to the Largest Castings easily.

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    Stainless steel can be etched using ferric chloride mixed with water, which creates a hydrochloric acid. The acid will slowly eat away layers of the metal, and it will flake off leaving exposed areas that create a design. A resist is applied to the metal, then the metal is dipped into the acid until the desired effect is achieved.

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    ASTM's steel standards are instrumental in classifying, evaluating, and specifying the material, chemical, mechanical, and metallurgical properties of the different types of steels, which are primarily used in the production of mechanical components, industrial parts, and construction elements, as well as other accessories related to them.

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    For the longest life image, Stainless Steel plates are decorated by chemical etching an image into the surface of the metal – typically 0.25mm in depth. This process leaves a legible image. The etching can then be colour filled with a two pot spray for decoration, (although this is not necessary for legibility).

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    It's also a way to create designs on metal plates that can then be inked to print on paper or other materials. It's possible to etch mild and stainless steel, as well as the more traditional copper, gold, zinc, brass, and even aluminum. Here are the basic steps required to etch metal. Safety first

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    We have Aluminum,Brass,Stainless Steel etc Metal Nameplates and other materials Nameplates to meet your requirements. Welcome to Shenzhen YanMing Plate Process Co.,Ltd. XML Sitemap RSS. Trusted Manufacturer of Metal Etching, Acrylic Panels,Graphic Overlays and Nameplates

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    How to Electro-Etch a Solid Metal Plaque: This is a technique that has been used by humans for a very long time. Learn how to create a deep electro-etched metal plaque with household items or items from the hardware store in this Instructable. There are no hazardous chemicals (except di

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    Acid Etching. For long-term durability, nothing will match the performance of an acid etched stainless steel plate from Can West Legacy. The end result is a permanent mark from the chemical “acid etch” process.

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    Stainless Steel Photo Etching. Tecomet Inc. takes particular pride in our state of the art stainless steel chemical etching process. At Tecomet Inc., we specialize in chemically machining thin stainless steel foils with excellent feature and tolerance control. For example, we successfully acid etch stainless steel components that are 10% of the thickness of a human hair—or 0.0003 inches thick.

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    Industrial plates, CE marking plates, identification plates, rating plates, type plates and brand plates can be used in pumps, valves, motors, tanks, cisterns and containers. Stainless steel etching is applied commonly in sectors, such as chemical, transport, logistics, food and hostelry, among others. We use alloys of AISI 304 and AISI 316

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    UK based Located in the heart of the UK, Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd (ACE) etches specialist metal components to give today’s product development engineers greater flexibility in design and shorter lead times.

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    Established in 1911. Detroit Name Plate Etching has been in continuous operation since 1911. Our dedicated team will manufacture your nameplate order using our experience, certified quality program, skilled art department, and well-oiled manufacturing process.

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    A To Z Etching Mild Steel Metal Etching Cutting Machine b. Rs 3.25 Lakh/ Unit Get Latest Price. Brand/Make: A To Z Etching. Material: Mild Steel. deep etch stainless Metal name plate chemical etching machine; Photo chemical machining process; Chemical etching process video; Chemical etching - a tour through the process (3d animation)

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    We offer metal nameplates including aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel name plates and tags. Faspro Technologies Arlington Heights, IL 847-392-9500 Faspro Technologies has 20 years of expertise in metal etching.